Your Big Day: Planning A Picture-Perfect Wedding

Confessions of a Professional Wedding Photographer

The good news: We’re kinda, sorta, strangers…

We are a husband and wife team of professional photographers who are getting paid to capture all the memories on one of the most important days of your life.  We aren’t your Uncle Joe who has an eye for photography, or your good friend who has a nice camera.  If we told you that we have an awesome set of wrenches, would you let us work on your car on the day that you were getting married?  Probrably not, and that’s a good thing, considering that we’re not professional mechanics.  Our kids like to eat, so we stick with what we know, and photography is what we do best.

You might be nervous on your big day, but we won’t be.  We are experienced and prepared.  We know what to do to get those great shots and we won’t be absent for those important moments that happen only once in a lifetime. You can count on us for more than just great photography; Poppy carries a sewing kit and has used it to save a wardrobe malfunction.  We have revived a groom who passed-out backwards during formals with granola bars that we pack in our camera bag to every wedding,  just in case someone didn’t eat.  On your wedding day, we won’t be your best friend with a nice camera; we will be your professional photographers, having fun with you and your guests, capturing all the beautiful moments and memories to last for generations.  ~ John and Poppy

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