Immortal U: Making the Most of Your Senior Photo

Attention High School Seniors! 3 Important FASFA Tips

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Hey Seniors! The new FASFA form is available if you’re thinking about college next year.  Here’s the link to get started: Three quick tips for obtaining your financial aid: 1.  Don’t delay your FASFA application until you complete your tax return, just estimate based on last year’s return and update the new figures later. […]

Photography Tips: Getting the Best Shot with A Point-and-Shoot Camera

The Balancing Act of Aperture and Shutter Speed (cont.)

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For most photography exposures, as more light is allowed through the aperture, a faster shutter speed will be needed to balance the exposure. If less light is allowed through the aperture, (a higher f/stop number,) then a slower shutter speed will be needed for balance. If a faster shutter speed is desired to stop movement, […]

Your Big Day: Planning A Picture-Perfect Wedding

Why Do We Include an Engagement Shoot with Every Wedding Package?

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Your wedding is one of the most important, memorable days of your life.  The dreaming, the planning, the details.  You want the photos from your wedding to be fantastic, spectacular even, and to really capture the true essence of your big day.   That’s why you’ve decided to hire a team of professionals.  Photographers who have the […]