Power Marketing with Professional Photography


Everyone has heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”   How much would it cost to have a thousand words in a radio ad?  Who really has the time to read or listen a thousand words about your business if you actually paid for that type of ad?

A great image can be used for multiple-marketing applications from web images to giant billboards, adding value each time it’s used based on it’s return-on-investment.  When it comes to marketing your business, time is short.   Using professional photography to produce those great images is the most powerful tool in today’s fast-paced marketing, so make this year THE year to get your message noticed and conveyed with an updated portfolio.   Paying for great photography is not only a wise investment, it will propel your business to that top-of-mind awareness that most companies only dream about.

Here at JP Portrait Studio, we have many packages available for marketing your business, give us a call and make 2012 the year your business gets noticed!     ~John and Poppy Kelly  (509) 884-2911

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