JP Portrait Studio: Poppy’s Pin-ups

Hi! I am Poppy Kelly and I am passionate about photography!

My husband John & I own and operate JP Portrait Studio in East Wenatchee, Washington. We noticed a rising demand for women to have a safe and comfortable place to go to have professional boudoir or pin-up style portraits with an experienced female photographer. So I thought what could I do to meet the rising demand? Let’s see, a fully equipped private portrait studio and 20 years professional experience behind the lens; let’s have some fun with Poppy’s Pinups!


What to Expect For Your Pin-Up Session

When you arrive for your session you can expect to be treated like a star! This is your time and you are the V.I.P.!

We will discuss the look you would like to achieve. Do you like bright and happy, or dark and sultry? Something elegant, or maybe soft & alluring?

Now it’s time to put on your first outfit and let the magic begin. I will direct your poses for the best possible angles. We’ll have tons of fun and together we will create fantastic works of art that you will be delighted and proud to share with the love of your life.

Expect to have fun, feel beautiful and fall in love with yourself!


Getting Ready

Moisturize and drink plenty of water!! Hydrated skin always looks best. That includes your elbows and feet, they will be in the portraits too.

Women come in all different shapes and styles, that’s part of the fun. That also means we couldn’t possibly meet the outfit needs of all women.

Bring up to three outfits with you. Maybe something you wear for special occasion or you splurge on something new, maybe a soft sweater or lacy lingerie. Make sure to bring matching shoes.

Pick colors you love and you know you look great in. Don’t forget accessories.

Your nails will be in the shots too. Now would be a great time to treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Come with clean or painted nails, just not chipped paint please.

If you see a picture that you love bring it with your for inspiration.

What do you like to do?  If you would like to incorporate your activity into some of your portraits that would be great. Maybe its your rock climbing gear or hockey gear,  I can make it work.

Don’t forget your partners interests, you could incorporate their favorite things too. Maybe a tie, sports jersey or album cover, bring it with you just for fun and I will fit it in.

The night before your session try to get as much sleep as possible. On the day of your session wear loose fitting clothes to avoid marks on your skin, and no tight watches or bracelets.


How old do I have to be for Pin-Ups? You must be at least 18 years old to do a traditional Pin-Up/ boudoir  session. Proof of age is required at the time of your session.

Will my portraits be posted on your website? Only with your permission. With creative cropping portraits could be used without knowing who it is, but only with your written consent.

How long does a Pin-Up session last? A Pin-Up session typically lasts two hours.

Will there be anyone else there during my session? No.

Does my session include hair and make-up? No, but I can recommend a great stylist to you.

How far in advance should I wax? No matter what part of your body, I recommend waxing seven days prior to your session. That allows enough time for any bumps or redness to go away, but not for hair to start coming back.



 A Regular Pin-Up Session includes your professional portrait session with me.  I don’t set a limit to the amount of portraits I take.  For a regular session you may bring three outfits, don’t forget shoes,  I will typically shoot 100-200 images per session.  Digital retouching of minor flaws is included in your session fee on all of your portraits. The session fee is $400.00.

Additional outfits are $50.00 each, please let me know your plan when you call to book your session, because more outfits will require additional shooting time. The session includes my time spent photographing you, making you feel comfortable in front of the camera half dressed, and picking out your portraits; my experience in posing and lighting for all sizes, my private studio, and of course great photo gear and lighting. The minor touch up work that has to be done to each image you pick out, including but not limited to, skin smoothing & tummy tucking.

The session fee is paid in advance, once you book your session you will mail your check to reserve your spot, your payment is  your commitment that you will show up to your session.

Available Extras:

Shoot on Location! Wouldn’t your love be surprised by portraits taken in your own home?  Perhaps a cute apron in the kitchen or bubbles in your own bath?  Locations within the Wenatchee Valley, $100.00

Pin-Up Parties – How about an evening of fun with your best girlfriends?  It’s always a lot of fun to have your girlfriends opinion, and maybe her shoes. Parties are Friday nights only, and the maximum per event is 6 ladies, 2 outfits each. Call the studio for special party pricing.

I love tattoos, so they won’t be removed in your portraits unless specifically requested.  There won’t be a charge for a small removal, but any large removals will have a fee applied based on size.


Portraits – You may purchase your fabulous portraits on lustre paper, thin wrapped, traditional canvas, and gallery wrapped canvas.

  • Lustre Prints: (1) 5×7  $10  (1) 8×10  $28
  • Enlargements: 11×14  $78   16×20  $122   20×30  $162  
  • Thin Wraps: 11×14 $95    16×20 $145    20×30  $225
  • Museum quality Stretched Canvas Prints on a wood bar frame: 11×14  $195   16×20  $245     20×30  $325
  • Gallery Wraps: Museum Quality canvas print wrapped: 1 and 3/4″ of the photo’s edges are visible on the sides of the frame. Delivered display-ready with hanging hardware attached.: 11×14  $165   16×20  $235    20×30  $295     24×30 – $325
  • Hardbound Book, Art work included: 8″x8″ $550   10″x10″ $650