Goodbye Katie: A Testament to a Fallen Photographer

The art and science of photography come together in the balance of light and time. The magical box that allows us to record history, a moment in time, with the mere push of a button is an amazing achievement. The camera in your hands can create images that also convey an emotion, perspective, inspiration, fascination, the list goes on. Gone are the days of worrying about running out of film. You have rolls and rolls of film now, and it’s reusable. Push the button. You have a rechargeable battery. Push the button.

Coming from a funeral service for a friend and fellow photographer this afternoon, we are reminded of the importance of photography.  There were photos of her from different years in her life, each evoking a strong memory and emotion for those that shared in her precious moments.  Moving.  There were people who stood and spoke of how they will forever cherish the photos that she took of their family, their pets, their loved ones.   Powerful.

Life can be painfully cut short sometimes: Push the button, often.

Goodbye Katie, you will be missed, but your legacy will live on through the life of your photographs and the memory of your smile.  Thanks for pushing the button.

Hugs and Love,  John and Poppy

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