Covid-19 Info


We will be diligent in reducing the spread of COVID-19 by implementing our state’s requirements for professional photography:

Phase 1.5/2 Requirements Specific to Professional Photography Operations

1. Client Management:  We will only schedule and shoot ONE session per day.

a. Appointments are required for all clients, allowing sufficient time to sanitize photographic equipment and common areas after each client session.

b. Outdoor sessions should be used as much as possible.

c. Only one client (and family member, if client is a minor) should be allowed in studio facilities at any given time. If the session is held offsite, only one client (and family member, if client is a minor) should be staged in the immediate area. Groups are not allowed. An exception can be made for groups consisting of immediate family only.

d. Photographers should maintain social distancing, using no-touch posing methods.

2. Sanitation

a. Wash hands regularly before and after photographic sessions.

b. Frequently sanitize all equipment as well as props, chairs, benches with which a client may come into contact.

c. Sanitize all restrooms available to clients in-studio

d. Frequently sanitize all common areas, including door knobs (interior and exterior), counter tops, pens and pencils, tablets, keyboards and monitors.

e. Remove all unnecessary paper products or décor (magazines, newspapers, extraneous sales materials).

f. If changing/bath rooms are used during professional photography operations, they should be cleaned with appropriate disinfecting supplies after each new client use, by an employee wearing proper protective equipment.


Thank you for your help and understanding to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we appreciate you and your support of our business!  Please contact our studio anytime if you have questions about our operations under the new state requirements.

John and Poppy