High School Senior Portraits Cause Hysteria Among Grandparents!

They’re not your parents.  They’re the parents of your parents, and they’ve gone mad…

Oh,  grandparents.  Some might use a computer, some actually facebook, a few even text.  But most just want a nice picture of you to share with their friends.  Yeah, right, “share.”  Secretly, grandparents just want to brag.  You’ve made it, you’re alive.  Graduating high school is definitive proof that they have done their job right.  Their kid, raised a kid, who is now graduating from high school,  it’s quite an accomplishment.  It’s huge, really.  So give them want they want, give them the ammunition they need with an updated senior portrait of you.  Grandparents everywhere are clamoring for that awesome portrait that will let all of their friends know that you are obviously the best graduating high school grandkid ever, obviously, ever.

The president and co-founder of S.A.G.G.Y. (The Secret Association of Gloating Grandparents, Youbetcha!) is concerned that grandparents everywhere are being let down.  In a recent interview, she stated, “Not all grandparents are using the MyFace on the interconnected-nets,”  she blasted, “we want portraits for Pete’s sake, something we can touch and feel, something we can put in our wallet or in a frame.”  On a final note, she whispered, “How are supposed to “share” with our friends about our grandchildren if we have to drag a computer around with us everywhere?”

We are currently booking sessions for spring portraits.  We sell digital files and AWESOME PORTRAITS through our professional lab.  Graduation’s coming, give them a portrait you’re both proud of, and give them the ammo to finally take down that one friend in their bridge club who’s always bragging and pulling out pictures.  Finally, take. her. down.  What?  You don’t think grandparents can compete?  They’re better at it, they’ve been doing it for longer.

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